Thank you for visiting; I'm so glad you're here.
If you're reading this, the chances are
you're writing something.

Perhaps you're well on your way with your text
and would like a professional pair of eyes
to copy-edit and/ or proofread it.
Or perhaps you haven't started yet.
Perhaps you know what you want to say
but don't know how to say it, or where to start. 




Perhaps, for example, you want to write:
some business documents, a speech or slides for a presentation
an essay for a course
a flyer or leaflet
menus for your restaurant
a piece of creative writing, e.g. a novel or a story


"It's the 'About Me' page. I need help with just trying to
condense down all my waffle
 into a nice clear statement that explains a bit about what I do and what I’m trying to achieve. I could also do with some guidance with the descriptions of my artwork,
 but it might be easier to talk you through that as I’m not sure what to write.
 I’ve had a go with some of them but I’m totally lost.
 Should I be writing a review, an explanation, or a description
about how I made the artwork?
 I have no idea what to say."
– Client who contacted me by email

And you'd like to get:
advice on how to start
focussed and inspired
feedback on what you've already written
ideas on how to proceed
Because you know great writing is the key to business and creative success.


Well, how about collaborating with me?
I can take the frustration out of
planning, drafting and editing your words.
Get a shot-in-the-arm creativity boost
and the luxury of one-to-one support.
Test your ideas out on a trusted pair of eyes and ears,
speed up the process of writing effective text,
and say what you want to say.

Hello, I'm Anita

Writer, text alchemist, typo killer and text therapist.
Raw Text is my copy-editing and proofreading service.
People send me their words and I help them write
documents and content that they and their readers love.

Anita has been always a generous support to this centre. Keeping her busy schedule at bay, she has proofread and edited the annual reports and website content of this centre and has always shared her expertise with compassion and humility.
– Nima Tshering, Communication Officer
 Gross National Happiness Centre, Thimpu, Bhutan

Before Raw Text I was a
high school English teacher for 15 years,
working with people of all levels of self belief.
I have a Masters degree in Art History
and have worked with words all my life.
I love helping people overcome obstacles to writing
 – emotional and practical –
so that they can get the most out of their words.


Anita is not just a top-notch writer, but a mentor for fellow writers too.
As a relative newbie to the world of copywriting, I have benefitted from Anita's guidance – both with the business and marketing side, and the art of writing good copy.
She really cares about words, and wants everyone else to join her!
Her CV and qualifications speak for themselves, but Anita's value goes beyond that. She's a warm soul who seeks, first and foremost, to understand who she is writing for and what they want to say. If you want an advocate (who also happens to convey your message eloquently and with style)
I strongly recommend you look no further.
– Tony Glynn, Copywriter/PR/Blogger/Journalist, April 11, 2016

But enough about me.
Raw Text is about you, your words,
and the people who will read them.
It is a celebration of the mystery and magic of creativity.



There are lots of secret writers out there.
Are you one of them?
Let your words blossom

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